Failure is the default. How do you find the motivation to chase after your dreams? To wake up early every day and hustle? To push yourself physically and mentally? You learn from inspiring leaders who came before you. People who were successful in business, entrepreneurship, politics, athleticism, writing, acting, creativity, and every challenge you could possibly imagine. Learn from them. Study them. Read, watch, and listen to inspirational material to brainwash yourself into working hard. You do what needs to be done. You are a warrior of your craft. There’s one commonality among all successful people. They do what needs to be done no matter how they feel. Every little task that will improve them 1%, they do it. They do the grind every single day regardless of what anyone says. Pick a dream, chase after it, figure out the details later. This is your education in the subject of success. is here to help you find your inspiration.