Bidding on eBay

eBay is a fun experience. You can find practically any item you want – even if it hasn’t been stocked in the shops for the last twenty years! There are some real bargains to be found, and bidding against other people all adds to the fun.

Here’s how to find and then bid on an item on eBay.

Obviously the first thing to do is find an auction that you wish to place a bid on. You can either select a suitable category and just browse what’s available, or you can perform a search using the eBay search function. This is certainly the easiest way to locate what you’re looking for. Remember to search for multiple terms – not every auction for the same thing will contain the same keywords in the title!

So once you’ve found an eBay item, you need to carefully check over the details. For a start, how much postage is the seller charging? Something that’s listed for $1 may not seem like such a bargain if you discover that you’ll have to pay $15 postage and packing on top of that!

You must make sure you check the sellers feedback. If they appear shady then don’t even think about bidding.

When you’re ready to place your bid, enter the maximum amount that you’re prepared to pay for the item, and click on the button to confirm. The eBay page will then either tell you that you’re the current high bidder, or that you need to go back and enter a higher amount. If you see the latter then you need to consider whether you’re willing or not to raise your bid. If you see the former then congratulations – as long as nobody else places a bid that is higher than your maximum bid then the item is yours!

Top Bidding Tip – A lot of people choose to leave it until the last seconds of the auction before they place their bid. While some people question the fairness of doing this, it’s a great way of ensuring nobody outbids you. The drawback of course is that you won’t have time to amend your bid should you need to. There is even software available that will do this for you! If you’re interested just go to Google and type in the keywords “bid sniper” to get more information.

So you’ve won the item and you’re ready to pay for it…

If you’re paying for your eBay purchase by PayPal, it’s simply a matter of clicking the link in the eBay end-of-auction invoice and paying the seller the correct amount.

If you are intending to pay by check or postal order for example, you’ll need to email the seller and find out their address. You can usually find this information in the details section once you’ve won your item. Remember, it’s always good to maintain great communication throughout the process with the seller, this ensures everyone is happy! Don’t hesitate to email or even call the seller if you’re confused or have questions.

Now it’s just a case of waiting for your purchase to arrive.

When it does, the last stage in the transaction process is to let the seller know you’ve received the goods, and then to leave the seller feedback. If it was a positive experience, let other people know. One of the great things about the eBay community is that you can check an eBayers past performance. Make sure you improve the eBay community by always leaving feedback on ALL of your transactions.

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