Discover How to Use Twitter Bots For Your Advantage

This bot uses direct messaging so you would first need to follow twanslate and once twanslate follows you back you are ready to begin.

The first you need to do is send twanslate a help text by sending the following direct message:

D twanslate help

This phrase gives you language abbreviations that you need to use in twanslate commands. For instance, the abbreviation for French is fr, so if you would want to translate the text "I am a huge fan of twitter" into French you should send the following:

d twanslate fr I am a huge fan of twitter

Getting the Weather Forecast

Interested in what the weather is going to be like where you are or where you are traveling to and want quick access to a weather forecast?

Thanks to Twitter bot named appropriately, forecast, you can find a forecast for any given city or postal code.

The forecast bot also uses direct messages, so you must first find forecast on twitter and clicking the following button.

Once forecast automatically follows you back you can begin to send a direct message with the following format:

D forecast zip

In which zip is replaced with your appropriate zip code or

d forecast city, state

replace city with the name of the city and state with the name of the state you wish to find forecast. So if I was to research for my hometown I would search;

d forecast Lawrenceville, GA

Returning Amazon Data

Amazon is very well known for their huge data of books, DVDs, and albums. Now you can have all that data at your finger tips by adding a unique twitter bot known as, junglebot.

This bot replies to direct messages as well so the format will start with a "d" which stands for a direct message.

You can use this bot to return data about books, DVDs, or music by using the following messaging formats:

D junglebot book title

D junglebot dvd title

D junglebot music title

For each message you would only replace title with the name of book, cd, etc. For example to get information about 4 leaf clover book I would search:

D junglebot book 4 leaf clover

Keeping Up With Bots

The bots talked about in this article is just the surface of many new and breakthrough Twitter bots. The best way to receive information on these upcoming bots is to be a fan of Twitter Fan Wiki, a site that monitors all Twitter-related news including bots.

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