Ebay Money Secrets – Secrets of the Self-Made Ebay Millionaires!

If you want to make money selling on EBay, there are a few ways for you to increase the chances of earning more for the items you put up. Here are some tips to consider.

Tip 1: Create packages

You're going to save money if you lump relevant items together that might be of interest to people, plus you can increase interest in your listing. For example, selling a video game console is a good choice but if you add games and accessories you can increase the sale price by 50 to 75%. This is a good way to make money selling on EBay.

Tip 2: Avoid Buy deals

With buy now two problems occur. One is that you either ask for so much no one is ever interested in the product. Two is that you end up asking less than what you would have gotten by doing the auction. To make money selling on EBay, do a straight auction for 7 days and just see what happens. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised.

Tip 3: Boost Your Rating by Buying

Most buyers do not want to work with sellers with low ratings. However, your rating is not just determined by your seller feedback. If you're going to make money selling on EBay, start being a great buyer and you'll have a great rating to start out with.

Tip 4: Use Photos

Sales are always better when sellers upload their own pictures of the products instead of using stock photographs from the site.

These are just some of the secrets of EBay millionaires. Go put them to work now!

Source by Fabian Tan


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