Where to Find Items for Your First eBay Auction

This is one of the most simple things you need to do. Do you have a closet, a basement, or an attic? It's all a matter of looking at your worldly possessions through new eyes, the eyes of an eBay seller. Start cleaning things out and you'll probably be surprised at what you find. Do not think things like "who in their right mind would buy this junk", but "I wonder how much I could sell this for on eBay!".

What about:

o Clothes you or your family members have outgrown. Just because they will not fit you does not mean they will not fit one of the millions of shoppers on eBay. And if you think something is out of fashion you might be surprised at the market for vintage clothing.

o Gifts you've received but never used. If they are in the original boxes, all the better.

o Redecorate your house with the money you earn from selling your old lamps, wall hangings, decorative pots, rugs, and other similar items.

o Do you have old electronics, things that seemed "cool" a decade ago but now you can not use, such as cassette players, radios, or old eight track systems and tapes? Guess what you can do with them now.

o Old books can find new readers on eBay. If they are very old that might make them even more valuable.

Just about everything has some resale value. You will not get rich selling off your unwanted household possession but you will have a chance to practice writing your listings, posting auctions, dealing with customers, gaining experience, and building up your feedback rating.

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Source by Beth Wallin


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